Aristides Daoukas was born in Thessaloniki in 1989, where he grew up and completed his studies. He graduated in 2012 from the University of Macedonia, Faculty of Balkan, Slavic and Eastern Studies, Bachelor Degree awarded with grade B. Finance and Business Administration, International Relation and International Law, Political Science, Relations among Balkan countries and Eastern Europe countries as well as History of these countries, were among the courses he had during his studies. He has prepared papers concerning the current situation and the relations among the state-members of the C.I.S. He speaks, reads and writes fluently Russian as a result of his four year courses in the Russian language during his studies at the University of Macedonia. His good knowledge in Russian grammar and syntactic rules enables him to translate from Greek into Russian and vice versa. He also speaks, reads and writes fluently in English.

Alexandra Tzakri graduated from the North College of Thessaloniki, School of Secretary of Administration, in 1983. The very same year she was employed by VEPSY S.A. as an Administrative Secretary and remained in the same position until 1995. During the last years of her employment at VEPSY S.A. she was partly occupied in the Accounting Department of the company as an assistant, acquiring basic accounting knowledge. Since 1995 she is responsible for the secretarial and administration support of George Daoukas' Law Office. Furthermore, she is responsible for the preparation of the case file as well as for the transaction of administrative, banking and tax procedures. She has very good communication skills in English. High level of responsibility and loyalty, seriousness, consistency, accumulated experience and deep knowledge of procedure's practice are her main key qualities.